Hey there!

I’m Eva :)

Wife, mother, and maker of all things Rustic Eve. What started out as a hobby to step away from the diapers, the bottles, and the tantrums, is now a small business that I’m very proud to call my own.

Thanks to a little nudge from my husband, Rustic Eve became “official” in December of 2017 when he surprised me with a full website and LLC. What a guy :)

The begining of Rustic Eve was a little, well, chaotic! My work hours were based around feedings and nap schedules. My kitchen table was covered with signs and paint, and my office was in bed with my laptop.

After moving in 2019, we finally had space to set up shop in our garage. Room to create, room to grow, and most importantly, we now had room at our kitchen table to eat.

I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, surrounded with the support of my friends and family, and most of all, YOU. The customers. So thank you for trusting me to create memorable pieces that will live in your homes for years to come.

 Let’s create something beautiful together.